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Mouse Trips wants your vacation to be extra magical and full of memories you will never forget. if you would like to contribute some of your magical tips please send us an e-mail and we will give you full credit for it.

The tips below are the opinions of Mouse Trips only. We found these tips to work great for our vacations and they should for yours too.
MEAL TIP: Most of the places in Disney World offer a lunch menu and a dinner menu. Eat your big meal at lunch time and have a snack at supper. This helps you save some money by eating a big lunch instead of a big dinner.
LINE TIP: Some attractions in Disney World have two lines. You have the choice to go to the right or left. Always go to the left. We did this on Tower of Terror and Pirates of the Caribbean. The lines are not bad on the left side.
RAIN TIP: If it starts to rain don't worry usually the rain storm will be gone in 30-60 minutes. Most people are running for the gates at this time. By the time the rain has stopped the park has cleared out and  lines are shorter. 
EXTRA MAGIC HOUR: Mouse Trips loves Extra Magic Hour. If you are staying at an on site resort you should take advantage of this offer. You can get on a lot of attractions before the park opens and after the park closed to the general public. For more on Extra Magic Hour click here.
HAVE A PARTY OF 5: There are several on site resorts at Disney World that can accommodate parties of five in the standard type rooms. They are the Port Orleans Riverside, Art of Animation, Deluxe Savannah Rooms at Animal Kingdom, ContemporaryYacht & Beach ClubBoardWalkPolynesian and some rooms at the Grand Floridian. Also try out the new family suites at the All Star Music Resort
DISNEY TRANSPORTATION: Take advantage of this offer from Disney. Nothing beats the monorails, boats and buses back to your resorts for a mid day rest. And try to get in the front seat of the monorail. Not only does it offer amazing views but you can also ask the Cast Member for your co-pilot license.
LAST MINUTE PRIORITY SEATING: You can make last minute Priority Seating Reservation by picking up any pay phone in Disney World and dialing *88. This call is free and allows you to make priority seating reservations.
FASTPASS: Take advantage of Fastpass at Disney World. This feature is free to everyone and allows you to cut down the time you wait in line. Only certain attractions offers this benefit. Click Here for more details.Fastpass can really save you lots of time.
COLLECTING MEMORIES: You never want to forget your Disney vacation. So make sure you pick up an extra park map and take a napkin with you and other small things to remind you of your Disney vacation. Many years down the road when you look back at that park map you may be amazed at how many things have changed. Its always neat to keep these little memories in your scrapbook.
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