I also want to compliment you (Chris) on your quick replies to my questions and your promptness and willingness to take care of the Brown's. I just got lucky and clicked on information from you after I had given up on someone else that apparently didn't like all my questions. I gave them 3 days to get back to me by email and I even called their number and left msg for them to call me and it never happened. I would definitely recommend you to any of my friends  that I hear are planning a Disney vacation and I will give them your contact information.

Steve B from AL
Oh, thank you for everything.  We had a wonderful time.  I thought of you often and thanked you.  You are so very good at planning, everything was taken care of seamlessly.  Thanks once again, Pam, and I look forward to our next trip with you.
Yours,  with much thanks, Donna, Oh, and Eric and Hayley too!
Donna M from Canada
I cannot thank you (Pam) enough for your wonderful, professional service above and way beyond the call of duty! I rarely use a travel agent much less an internet agent but I will certainly recommend your services to everyone!
Jackie B IL
WOW! You are answering email on a late Saturday night!!! I'm impressed and it's nice to be dealing with someone that I know won't "forget" about me! 

Jennifer R from FL
Chris, I just have to compliment you again.  I do not know you, but I think you are wonderful. I can't wait to tell my family what a wonderful experience I am having with your organization, and how much fun I am going to have going to Disney World at my own pace and interests!  I can't thank you enough!  Please forward this to your supervisor or manager....I would love to express my appreciation in some way!

Lara O from CA
I want to mention how much I have appreciated the service you (Pam) have done for us.  I am amazed at how you are always there and how you answered all my questions very patiently.  This is the first time I have used the web to make arrangements for a room and was a bit nervous but you handled it all very promptly & professionally - you just made me feel things will be fine.  I will recommend your service and will use Cruising Co Etc again..  
Darla P from: PA
I only have 1 question-Do you(Pam) have any time off? I've sent mail days,evenings and weekends and have always gotten an imediate response.I've been very impressed.We used a different on-line service for a previous trip and to be honest it was an awful experience.I was very hesitant to even look for information on a trip thru an online service after all the trouble I had with the last one.This has been such a pleasure. Thank you 

Lisa W. from MA
I am recommending your (Pam) service to everyone. I already sent a quick email to allearsnet.com to praise your services. Like I said my sister and I are telling all our friends ( and they do like to travel too) how great you guys have been. I tell everyone that will listen about your 
Christine R. from MA
I can't thank you (Pam) enough for everything you've done to make this dream vacation a reality for us!  I'm going to miss our frequent email.  I was very lucky the day I decided to click on the link that led me to you.  I feel like I found more than just a travel agent, I feel like I've found a friend. 

Elyse P. from IL
Pam is the best.  I have stayed at WDW over 50 times and have never found as
low a rate for as great a room.  I have always booked my rooms myself in the
past, but not anymore!  Pam will be taking care of that task from now on in
a much better manner than I ever could.  I wish I had known about  you guys
when I went out to Disneyland 2 years ago!

Keith W. from FL
Pam, I forgot to tell you how happy we are that you have booked this trip for us.  I'm not sure many agents would try to get a lower rate for their clients.  I appreciate you dedication to your work.  It sure makes the worries go away with you looking out for our family!! 

Patty B. from OH
She got Cindy's very important to my daughter.  She was always available for
questions, got my annual pass discount when it was made available.  Had a
billing problem with Hard Rock Hotel called her 8:00 a.m. on Mother's Day
and she handled immediately!! She was the best, I've already recommended her
to a co-worker who also booked!! :)

Diane Z. from PA
Pam was awesome!  She responded to emails very quickly.  I never had to wait
for an answer. Planning our trips to Disney is so much more enjoyable now that I have Pam to work with. I no longer will stress out wondering if there's a lower room rate available and the help with priority seatings was wonderful.

Robin S from NH
Her timely response and stress free planning made this trip even better.  I
admit I was hesitant with online booking, but I will go nowhere other than here to book future trips.  Thank you so much!

Misty D from IN
Pam Schuck responds immediately to all questions, concerns and overall needs. I wanted last minute reservations for the holiday weekend and did not have the time to wait for a response. Pam is on the internet with a quote within minutes of my request. Not only did I get the room/resort hotel that I wanted, but she also secured a discount, too. She is wonderful!

Deborah W from OH
We had a great time at the mouse house!!! I just want to say that everything was just great, our reservations for all the meals, the luau and for the hotel were great!!! We were lucky that when we checked in we were able to freshen up in our room. A room that was close to the food court and the bowling pin pool and the buses - Thank You! We had the best seats in the castle for our Cinderella Breakfast - Thank You! Not to worry, when I go on vacation again I will call you in a heart beat! I will also let all my friends know about your service and how great it is, thank you again Pam.

Cheryl L from WI
Thanks Pam.  You have made the process better than any other travel agency I
have had business with in the past.  From now on, you're the one!

Jared Y from NC
Pam Schuck responds immediately to all questions, concerns and overall
needs. I wanted last minute reservations for the holiday weekend and did not
have the time to wait for a response. Pam is on the internet with a quote
within minutes of my request. Not only did I get the room/resort hotel that
I wanted, but she also secured a discount, too. She is wonderful!

Debra W from OH
Pam was always there when I needed her.  She answered all my questions
promptly, sometimes before I even knew that I had them!  She became more
like a friend than a travel agent...amazing because virtually all of our
contact was via email!

Elyse P from IL
Pam was great she answered all of my questions and was fine with the fact that I didn't book our airfare through her. She was very fast in responding
to my emails. Did a great job with our Priority Seating. I have already recomended her to my brother and will recomend her to anyone that is going to Disney!! She's GREAT!!!!

Jennifer B from IL
I just want you to know we really apreciate your excelent job with us!  You´re a great agent with MouseEarVacations, and I am sure they feel proud because you are with them. Feel free to send our congratulations to your CEO or boss, because with all our questions, doubts, changes and everything you´re still there... with us, helping us with your great attitude. Definily, you´re a winner!

Karen I from Mexico
What a wonderful time we had and everything was great!!!  Your service was perfect and as I have said before I would recommend you to anyone!!!

Christine R from MA
Well, I stupidly was trying to see if I could find a better deal than what
Pam had gotten and was left without a reservation for the week my family
really wanted. Pam never got frustrated or mad and went out of her way to
get us that week, plus a great price! She saved me and all the while
maintained her professional, courteous and always friendly attitude! She's

Sylvia M from PA
Thanks so much for all the help you provided during the trip planning process.  Your support and quick answers to questions made the planning go very easy.  Everything was outstanding!!  You really helped us understand our options and we believe you got us the best deal possible.  We will definitely recommend you to others.

John W
What a great experience!!!  Thanks so much.  Chirs was excellent.

Casey D from PA
Chris has been very, VERY helpful in answering all of my questions - not
only for me but for my daughter's wedding guests as we are planning a Disney
Wedding.   He has been superb in his helpful information regarding discounts
etc.  He's the best !!!

Elizabeth M from PA
Chris, Thank you so much for arranging our Disney trip! We had a very 
magical time. Your attention to detail was much appreciated. The 
breakfast with Cinderella was unbelievable!! Watching my daughters 
with their favorite princesses was priceless. Your tips were 
terrific. Thank you so much for helping our family make such 
marvelous memories!

Lynn G from IL
Pam, We just wanted to drop you a quick e-mail to let you know that our vacation was super.  Everything went perfectly.  We could not have asked for a better trip.  Your services were invaluable.  We will definitely remember you when making future vacation plans. Thanks again for all of your assistance.

Tammy L
Pam was very prompt in answering email questions and treated me like a friend rather than a client. She made me feel very comfortable about booking the trip on-line and was extremely helpful when my dates had to be changed at the last minute!

Nikki T. From AR
THANK YOU   THANK YOU   THANK YOU My babies received their postcard from Minnie Mouse yesterday.  You should have seen how big their eyes got when they realized that both Mickey and Minnie knew that they were coming to WDW.  It was AWESOME! As a parent, I truly appreciate your personal touches!  Thank you, Pam, for being a partner through this whole planning process.  I feel like we are equipped w/ the knowledge (and reservations) that we need to make this a great trip.

Josette K. from TX
Pam, Again, we cannot thank you enough!!  All of your helpful hints (eg, when to get in line to board the ship) are greatly appreciated and right on schedule! Our trip truly was a magical time!  We are so grateful to God for having this opportunity,  you and Disney for making this trip so memorable. Sharing your name with all of our friends and hope you hear from them as well! Will not keep you any longer, but, thanks again.  Two small words  PACKED  with feelings!  THANK YOU!

Debbie R from MO
If anyone has not told you this before, you are an OUTSTANDING!!! lady.  I have truly enjoyed your help and assistance with my trip.  Thanks sooo much for putting up with my worrying about EVERYTHING. Thanks again Pam for your help and we will DEFINATELY use you again in the future. I will pass your name on to every person I know that wants to go to Disney.

Lesley P from Mississippi
Thank you for everything. It was so nice knowing we could have help when we were so far away from home.  That is worth its weight in Gold.

Kathryn W from Oregon 
Thanks Pam You have made planning our vacation so much easier, and less stressful than it would have been if I'd attempted to do it on my own. We greatly appreciate all of your help, and will definitely call you the next time we're headed to Disney!

Diana P from Arizona
I considered (notice the past tense) myself to be pretty much an expert on planning & expense cutting when it came to all things Walt but I hafta admit … you proved me wrong. Thank you so much for your time & dedication to our trip.  You not only will have my personal praises & recommends to anyone I know heading to WDW, but my family’s most sincere thanks.  I only hope you’re still doing this late next year or early 2006 when we head back.

John S from Arizona
I must admit I was nervous doing business over the internet, with a company that I wasn’t familiar with, however I am glad that I went ahead with it, things worked out beautifully.
Thank you so much for everything!  You truly made our dreams come true!  It was nice not to have to worry about making all of the arrangements for everything, or forgetting to do something!  I will be planning another trip for 2006 so the youngest grandbaby can go, (he will be three then)  I will definitely be 'calling' on you for that trip!

Theresa J From Ohio
I was really nervous about doing this online, but everything seems to have really worked out perfectly.  And to be honest,  l feel that planning our vacation this way was better than working with someone here.  I have never had such fast service... I feel like no sooner had I typed in a question, you had it answered.  Thank you, Chris, really I am so glad that I read about your company in the Passporter and on Allears.net.  Planning this vacation with your help has been a great experience.

Jennifer J from NY
Pam was great. She always replied to our emails in an extremely timely manner. (even AFTER we had gotten back from our vacation!) she planned all of our priority seatings, she had a discount code applied to our reservation without my even having to ask!!! We will definitely use Pam and MouseEarVacations for our next WDW vacation.

Robin K from CA
Very personable - made sure I understood everything I needed to have a great stay.  Thanks Chris!  :-)

Dana F. from AL
Pam has set up a couple of trips for us.  In addition to her being knowlegable in what she is doing, she keeps track of possible discounts and let me know of any changes or anything else I should look at.  Rather than just booking our trip and letting it go at that, she continued to be in contact and updated me with any new information.

Barry C from TX
Pam was great.  Whenever I had a question, she responded immediately every time. She really knows what she is doing.  I really enjoy dealing with Pam and I plan on using her again next year for our family trip.

Marry B from Mississippi
Chris Schuck was very freindly, nice, and helpful.  I asked him numerous different questions and he was always patient and helpful.

Dawn E from CA
His (Chris) service was profesional and  friendly. Everything turned out wondefully planned. We had a great time.

Pam always gets Cindy's Breakfeast - everytime we have gone to this we sit-up front by the windows!! the best seats in the house!! just lucky?? I think not!! I truly believe Pam has something to do this.  Pam always immediately answers any questions or concerns - I will be using her again the future.

Diane Z from PA
If I had any questions, she (Pam) replied right away. She was able to get times and dates for our Priority Seatings that we wanted. When the rates went down, she was able to get the new rate. Excellent seats for Cirque du Soeil and Hoop Dee Doo. I did not have to do anything, everything was taken care of for me.

Wendy W from Canada
Pam fielded questions from my father-in-law (and he had LOTS of questions) and really put him at ease about our vacation. She managed to land us a Priority Seating for Cinderella's Royal Table and for that she gets a HUGE gold star and big grins from the kids!!

Bryan B from MI
My husband and I greatly appreciate everything that Chris set up for us. This was our first time planning this trip together and I don't think it would have gone so smoothly if we didn't have Chris as our agent.  He was very helpful, knowledgeable, and professional, and that is what kept us hooked with your company.  We are planning many more vacations in the future and will continue to use Chris as long as he is there!  Thanks, Chris, for all your help!  We had the BEST time of our lives!!!!

Shawna P from NC
Pam was extremely timely in getting information back and forth. I believe she went out of her way to make sure I was getting the best price possible. I appreciate the  professionalism and attentiveness that Pam provided to me for my vacation.  I will definitely contact her again when the need arises and have and will continue to recommend her service to family and friends!! Great job!!

Jim M from MA
She (Pam) always replied promptly. I felt she was always there to reply to any questions I had. She was able to get a reduced rate when it came out. Documents were sent  express mail to Canada.

Sue W from Canada
Pam, I just wanted to thank you so much for everything you did.  I will never forget it.  This trip wouldn't be the same without all of your help with the planning. Thanks for everything.

Lynn K
Everything was wonderful. After we booked our vacation, Pam emailed back soon after saying that new, cheaper rates have come out and that she applied it to our vacation. She's the best. I have already given her email and your website to a family member. Pam emailed right before the trip to see if we had any last minute questions. She was very helpful.

Jodi H from IN
Pam was fabulous. She always responded, almost before I sent my questions and requests. She took care of everything and had excellent suggestions when we needed them. There is nothing she could have done better. I have never receved such excellent service.

Lisa G from VA
About a month before our trip, she sent my children a postcard from "Mickey"" in anticipation of their trip.  It started to make the trip more real to them.  Also, she did a lot of searching through priority seating in order to find us a restaurant that could take our reservation and serve us turkey on Thanksgiving day.

Pat S from OH
in a word, pam was amazing. she made this vacation even better than we imagined because of her knowledge and assistance. everything she did, from room reservations to priority seating, was perfect. we received all the information in plenty of time, great recommendations and service above and beyond our expectations. we'd recommend pam to anyone who is thinking of going to disney.  thanks again for all that you did. i wish there were more folks out there like you. take care, and we'll be calling you again for our next trip!

Erik & Dawn K
Gave (Chris) us tips on Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party and assisted us in
directions to Cocoa Beach. He also shared his personal experiences at the resort we chose to stay which was a great help. I was very impressed when I got an e-mail a couple of days before we left to make sure we were set and didn't have any last minute questions. 

Sue H from IN
Pam, I realized that I had forgotten to thank you for requesting a balcony for us at the  Wilderness Lodge! I know that Disney won't guarantee any requests, but I know  that they always do their best to try to make everyone happy. That sure was thoughtful of you to do that without being asked! I would not have thought about that on my own since we've never stayed at a deluxe hotel before. When I told my husband  you did that, it brought a smile to his face. It's those little things that mean alot, THANK YOU!  Again, thanks for everything you do.

Mary Ellen L. from NY
(Pam) Thanks for taking such good care of us, I will be sure and let my friends know.

Rick and I both work for Radio Shack, at the corporate headquarters in Fort Worth, and we, like so many big companies, have an onsite travel company.  Several years ago we booked a cruise through them.  It wasn't that they didn't do a good job, it was just the exact same thing I could have done myself online, same price and everything.  So, I really couldn't see the value of working through them.

No one can be an expert in everything, but what you've given us is not just expert advice, but also what I would truly expect as concierge service, but on our budget conscience scale.  I really appreciate it.

Kyle P from TX
I can’t say enough what a wonderful time we had.  I am so pleased with the change to the dining program.  If you use it to it’s fullest it is so worth the money.  When I rough guessed at the amount that it added to our trip it was about $350, when I added up the cost of the meals we had, if we would have paid cash it would have been about $900!! And all character meals are included so we had one a day. 

The towncar was a wonderful addition.  As I had told you, my brother in law and his family decided at the last minute to go as well and they took Mears.  They arrived around 7:00 pm in Orlando and Mears gave them a pager in the airport and said it would be about an hour before they could leave.  Whereas we arrived, the driver was waiting and we left as soon as we had luggage.  I will never go any other way.

But the trip was great.  I did pass your card on to a friend of mine.  Her entire family (about12-15) is planning a trip there in June 2006 when her mom turns 60.  I advised her of how great you guys were and encouraged her to contact you.

Thanks again for all of your help and we certainly will let you know when we are planning our next trip.

Michele R
My husband opened the package and said to tell you that he is so pleased with the way you handled our vacation.  You are very good at what you do and we were so lucky to have gotten you.  
My niece and I were looking at the updated photos you have on your website and the newsletter that you email is great too.  Thanks again Pam!

Jo B from IL
I will probably not speak to you before our Disney vacation now as we are leaving for the USA on monday. I would like to thank you SO much on behalf of all my family for everything you have done for us and I will definitely let you know how it went as soon as we get back. You have made planning this trip so much easier than normal and for that I am incredibly grateful. Thank you again Pam. Have a great Easter. You deserve it.

Gareth B from the UK
I really would like to shout from the mountain tops the level of excellent service you have provided my family! The funny thing is...I was just telling my husband last night that I have asked so many questions and we have emailed back and forth so much with information and recommendations that I feel like I know you like I have known you forever! You have became a part of our family! I cannot tell you how much I appreciate how quickly you respond to my emails and how efficiently you reserved our hotel, our dining and we received our information package throught the mail the day after I finalized everything! I am just soooooo impressed with your organization, knowledge and most of all energy level! Not very many people answer emails at 11:00 on a Saturday night like you did mine this past Saturday. There are just not words to discribe to anyone the depth of your dedication to provide your clients with the level of service that you do. Like I said before " I will be endebted to you always for all you have done." ( and are still doing).

Amy P. from OH
Thanks so much for all your help with our WDW vacation. I've never used a travel agency before but your assistance really made things a lot simpler so I'm glad I did. We had a great time- everything worked out just as planned. We especially enjoyed the dinner with Pooh and friends at Crystal Palace. We are already thinking about our next trip and will contact you if we need any help. I also plan to recommend you to any friends that mention going in the future. Oh, I also loved that at both restaurants we had PS for, they already had all the birthday info and brought out cake and sang to both birthday boys (Logan got a cupcake at Ravi's birthday dinner too!) 

Kristi W from FL
I just wanted to drop you a message now that we’ve returned from our wonderful Disney trip that you arranged for us.  I cannot be more pleased with your work!  You were so helpful to me in trying to get this trip together.  I am very thankful.  

The priority seating and the breakfasts were such a big hit with Payton and Taylor!  We had a great time despite a lot of rain.  I am sure you would have controlled that too if you could have!

We want you to know that you have exceeded every expectation we had coming into this.  I am a usually a guy that likes to plan things on his own, but didn’t think I should this time.  I am now 100% certain that I could not have done nearly the job you did in arranging things for us.  We cannot be more happy with you.  I will recommend you to every person I know who may need your services.

Thank you very much for doing what you do!  We will certainly call on you again in the future!

Patrick L from WI
On behalf of my husband Russell, my son Jacob and I, we want to thank you for all that you did to make our trip so wonderful at Disney. It was the best!!! We didn’t tell our son until the night before we left and he didn’t believe us. Everything was awesome!!!!  We got to be together with our friends, (Davis’s , Thompson’s & Ingersoll’s), we got a lovely picture and balloons for our anniversary, and everything went well. We could not have done this without you!!!! We appreciate all that you have done for us, and how you helped to make this a most memorable and “magical” trip we have ever been on. We enjoyed it so much, we are hoping to go back again next year, and if we do we will definitely be in touch. Again we appreciate all that you have done for us and will definitely recommend you to others!!!!

Heather P. from Canada
Pam was great. She did everything  for us. I would have been lost without her. Pam has been very quick on  getting back to me. That is so important. Anytime I send an email, I get a response right away. It is so easy and quick.

Deneen L. from NJ
Pam, Now thats what I call service! I've used a travel agent before, but 
never one like you.  Your always right there, even on week-ends. Thank you 
for taking care of this for us. You are really TERRIFIC!!!

Mary Ellen L from NY
It looks like we're all set and ready to go.  I can never thank you enough for your fabulous, efficient service.  It has been a pleasure working with you and I will DEFINITELY recommend to you everyone I know.  

Phillis T from NJ
Pam was wonderful and very prompt with EVERYTHING!  She made dining reservations  for us and even made some changes very quickly and at the last minute when I requested a change.  I certainly recommend using Pam as your travel guide...she is wonderful!

Patty B from Ohio
Pam helped us arrange the most magical, memorable vacation to Disney World.  She is the very best travel agent I have ever worked with.  Everything about her services is exceptional.  I'm most impressed by her response time and attention to detail.  She arranged for a car service to take us to SeaWorld one day that was also exceptional and very reliable.  I will definitely use her services in the future and will recommend her to everyone I know. Your services are second to none.  KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!

Phyllis T from NJ
Pam, we had the best view at the Polynesian - felt like royalty - had front row center seats at the awesome luau - my dad was sure I had bribed someone. it felt really good to impress him since he has brought me to Disney so many times in my youth. All aspects of the trip went so smoothly. I think we did too much (if that is possible), but certainly did everything we wanted to do and more! And it is all because you and Chris made it happen for us! My kids loved it, and that is soooo important to me! What great magical memories. I wouldn't change a thing. Thank you so much.

Holly P from MA
Keep up the GOOD work & know that there are many of us out here who really appreciate what you do!!! You've already helped to make our vacation so exciting & we haven't even left yet. Your advice, your knowledge, your patience, & your kindness are just so special! Your like a good friend sharing in our excitement. Thank you for that.

Mary Ellen L from New York
Pam did everything plus more then I could have asked for.  I will be using her again and I have and will recommend her to my friends.  I feel she went way beyond her job to make sure my family's vacation was everything we dreamed it would be. Thank you for all your hard work Pam!!

Sonja T from NC
Everything was great.  Thank you so much for your help with everything - it has been so easy, and a pleasure, to work with you.  I really appreciate how accomodating you have been, especially in the beginning when I had a family emergency - your kind consideration of the matter went up and above the call of duty. 

Tracey K from NC
Pam was very helpful with all my questions.  My reservations were all made with fantastic seating assignments.  I would not have been aware of the different types of dinner shows if I had not gotten adivce from Pam.  She helped make our trip extra special.

Rikki R
 I was impressed that even though Pam was "out of the office" for several days, she still checked her email from me and answered questions regarding our trip that I needed answered before she was scheduled to return to work!  Thanks Pam!

Christine F
I know you have gone out of your way to see that we are satisfied.  Well you have succeeded.  Thank you again, you are very good at what you do.

Tim B from MN
Pam treated us as if we were her onlycustomers. She shows excellent customer service and a real knowledge of Walt Disney World. We will be working with her next year for our 10th trip!

Sue H from IN
Pam is a truly wonderful travel consultant. Except for the first phone call, we did everything over the net. And she made it so easy for us. She is prompt and efficient and NOT one who uses any pressure tactics to have us take any additional options. She answered questions promptly and made all of the changes that we requested. And most of all she did something magical - she reserved a Priority seating service at the best table at the California Grill on Friday night so that we could see the fireworks - and I could propose to my girlfriend who said YES and is now my fiancee. Thank you Pam and thanks to MouseEar Vacations for having such a great travel consultant.

Gerard D
Pam was so great!  She found out we were eligible for a discount about a month before our trip and saved us a lot of money!  She also put up with me changing my mind about priority seatings and number of days on my park hopper, etc.  She was great!

Barbara P
Thank you so much for helping us Pam, I know that it started out to be something completely different but I think the way we ended up was just right!  You were so very patient with me and my wishy washyness and I am so grateful.  You helped make our first family vacation one we will never ever forget!

Shannon W from GA
Pam could not have been more helpful in making this an unbelievable vacation.  It is amazing that whenever I e-mail Pam with a question or a request that I get an e-mail response within 5 minutes. It is unprecedented.  In short, Pam was awesome!!

Richard M in MA
Pam rocks!  She is absolutely the best at what she does.  I\'d swear she never sleeps.  She\'s always quick to reply to an email, any time of day or night!  I've referred her to friends, family and colleagues without hesitation.

Robin S from NH
all of her helpful hints like the dinning plan as well as things she recomended that she thought my children would like , she realy made are vacation a great one .

Heather F from Mass
Pam worked with both my husband and me to secure special surprises for our trip, including hard to get reservations for Illuminations cruises and dinner at Victoria and Albert\'s.  Whatever we needed Pam handled with ease and grace.

Lori R from TX
Pam was able to get us ADR\'s at Cinderella\'s Royal Table which was very exciting for us. She advised us with our travel insurance decision & was very helpful with all our plans. I always booked my own in the past, but not anymore. I will definitely go back to Pam with any future plans. She was the best!

Mary Ellen L from NY
Pam was very patient and helpful as our fellow vacationers were a bit wishy washy about their arrangements. Even though they made last minute changes, Pam managed to get everything we wanted and made our vacation a dream come true. I have booked Disney vacations on my own in the past. I will never travel to Disney World without Pam\'s help again.

Amy C from VA
By the way - you always reply to me within minutes of me asking anything - are you really one person?  How can you do what you do and not go completely bonkers.  Talk about Job Dedication.  All I can say is that I tip my hat to you.
John S from NC
I ask a ton of minute questions and she never seemed less than happy to answer them.  As a result, I was very comfortable with our plans.  She is very knowledgable and also very honest about what she knows, and can and can't tell you.  She helped me to find out things that you don't learn from a travel agent.  The specifics of the trip insurance coverage, for example.

Elizabeth Y from VA
Thanks ever so much - you must be glued to your e-mail - what fast service!!!!!!!!  Phenomenal!
Carla W from Canada
Pam was wonderful in helping me plan our family vacation.  She was always very quick in responding to my emails and very helpful with dining suggestions. I would not have been as comfortable heading to Orlando if Pam had not arranged everything, down to the last detail for us. I have and will continue to pass her name (and MouseEar Vacations) on to my friends who are planning Disney vacations.  I just can not thank her enough for all her help and guidance.  It was our first trip to Disney World and we are already wanting to go back again.  I'll be sure to contact Pam again for her help.  She deserves a big Thank You from the King family. :) (And also, Pam was recommended to me by a friend who had also used her to plan their family vacation to Disney!)

April K from SC
I am so excited!! Thank you so much for all your help. I work in an industry that requires prompt follow up and excellent customer service so I now find myself expecting that from everyone and have not used vendors or services because of their poor follow up skills. You have been wonderful in your timely delivery of information and have made planning this trip very easy despite everything being done online or over the phone.  

Ashley P from CT
Pam was great!  She answered questions and responded to my emails very quickly.  I appreciate how accessible she was.

Barbara O
Pam is such a wonderful person and so helpful. Everything she does is special in so many ways. Pam's service can't be improved. I don'tknow of anything she needs to change. We really didn't even need paperwork when we checked in. Everything was in order and we received just what we requested.

Patsy B from AL
Unbelievable first time experience with a travel agent..On top of every detail,followed through on everything,just  a WONDERFULL experience will definately use again and will highly recommend to family and friends.

James C from CT
Pam is simply the best travel agent I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with.  She always made me feel like I was the only client she had.

Matthew B from MA
Very quick responses to our questions .  She  e-mailed us just prior to our trip asking about any last minute questions...very nice touch.  She made the planning so easy despite doing it all online with a stranger.  She did an outstanding job!!!  We hope to
return to Disney soon and rest assured we'll be contacting her.

Kristen D from PA

Pam has booked several WDW trips for us.  She has always "kept an eye open" for better deals (AP, etc.) and made changes for us when they become available.  Her knowledge and help are unsurpassed.

Barry C from TX
Thank you so much Pam for looking out for me.  You are such a great travel agent!!!! and I really appreciate your dedication and excellence.

Lesley P from MS
Pam arranged for us to receive extra benefits that became available after we had booked. More importantly, it was the extra hints and advice that she provided about our magical experience that made the difference.

David R from Australia
Pam was wonderful.  My whole family was sick a few weeks before our trip and she was able to get us priorty seating  with very little advance notice.  She was also extremely quick to answerall of my many questions.  I would use Pam again and highly recomend her to all family and friends.

Trudi C from ME
Our last trip with you was so perfect, and we were so very happy, I'm sure this time will be just the same. Thank you, Pam, for everything.  We adore you.

Donna M from Canada
Since first working with Pam a couple of years ago, she has strived and succeeded in making sure every detail for our trips have been taken care of.  I trust her explicitly with my travel needs. Please maintain the level of customer service that you are currently providing!  Great job!

James M from MA
Pam was efficient, pleasant and flexible.  I have planned my own Disney World vacations before, but Pam made it easy and special.  We had to change our travel plans and cancel the cruise portion, but Pam made the changes and accomodated our requests smoothly.  Pam is definitely a travel professional.

Suzanne S from CA
Pam was so responsive!  Every time I emailed her a question, I'd hear back from her almost instantly.  I'm not sure that she ever sleeps!

Megan H from VA
She made many suggestions that were very useful.  She always answered our e-mail questions very promptly and was so nice. Our trip was perfect and the service was great. I can't think of anything that needs to improve.

Karen S from WV
Pam is SUPER!  She is always quick to answer questions, or dig for the answer if she does not have it.  She really goes out of her way to make sure that everything about the trip is PERFECT!!

Krista B from SC
Pam is incredible.  She never sleeps, always  available to answer my questions.  When I take a vacation, every detail  is taken care of by Pam.  I just go, it's great!

Bill N from NH
Thank you, Pam, for your help in organizing all of this.  You are a  wonderful source of information.  As I have mentioned in previous emails, we have recommended to several families that they contact you for help in organizing their Disney vacation.

Laurie S from RI
I don't know what to say.  We had a magicaltime.  Every detail was planned before we left dining, park activities day and night seating for special events was perfect. I can't express how valuable a travel agent that specializes in Disney vacations can make all your dreams and wishes come true. Pam Schuck you are a professional as well as becoming a friend and went out of your way to make this the most memorable experience for my nephew. To see the expressions on his face when seeing all the characters and the beautiful firework displays made this vacation a one-of-a-kind.  You are truly a special travel agent.  I would recommend Mouse Ears Vactions to anyone who is planning a trip to Walt Disney World or any of the Disney Parks. You won't have one disappointment I promise you that.

Kimbra T from KS
Being able to communicate via e-mail was an extremely helpful tool, while planning this from work.  Chris always returned me e-mail very promptly!!

Jason A
Pam was very helpful!!!We werefinializing the arrangements on our cruise when our daughter-in-law gave birth early. Our granddaughter was born with a severe heart condition. Needless to say we were in great turmoil and Pam took us through it all. This was our first cruise and we did not know what we were doing and we had not slept in days. Pam was very helpful and patient with us!!! Our little Ava Marie is now doing fine. Pam Schuck is a great asset to CrusingCo.com. Not only did Pam care about us as clients she also cared about us personally. Thanks CrusingCo.com for having such a wonderful person as Pam working for you and for us!!!!

Donna C from Ohio
Our vacation was simply great.  We all had a wonderful time.  Thank you for helping us to 
plan and especially for all of your prompt responses.  Your customer service 
is most unique and very much appreciated.

Amanda S from NY
Pam, I cannot tell you what an amazing time we had...  Everything you arranged for us was PERFECT.  The entire trip went so smoothly, thanks to you, and all the information you provided us with about the cruise was invaluable.  You are so knowledgeable and have answers to every question!
I wanted to tell you--the town car driver  you got us was wonderful.  He was very nice and professional and prompt.  He was the same man who picked us up at the airport and also picked us up after disembarking.  He told us exactly where he'd meet us and he was extremely prompt.  I was quite impressed with his service!  I would definitely use him again.
We had a blast, you are the best--everything you arranged was perfect, as we knew it would be.  I'm giving your name and email to three more friends who want to take Disney cruises coming up-pretty soon you'll be everyone's travel agent.  YOU ARE THE BEST!!!

Christine K from VA
Pam, Thank you for everything. You are the first time we have ever used a travel agent and I must say Roger was correct you are the best. Again thank you for everything.

Sheri W from Ohio
THANK YOU!!  We have been to Disney many times and planning has never been this easy!  You are FABULOUS!  I will definitely sing your praises to anyone planning a trip to Disney!!!!
Lori H from GA
As this was our family's first cruise, everything Pam did for us was special.  She helped me from beginning to end and believe me, I had a lot of questions.  Pam was very prompt and quick to answer any and all of our questions.  This is my third trip I have booked with Pam and I will definitely using her again in the future. Thanks Pam, you made our trip magical, again!!!

Michelle D from PA
BTW, I deeply appreciate when somebody answers me immediately, takes care of business immediately & works with me the way you have done, even in confusing & frustrating times.  I will be highly recommending you & your company to everyone.

Caril O from Florida
Pam, thanks again for all your help.  You were awesome and I have been telling everyone about you. Everyone is very surprised that I used a travel agent because I have been to 
Disney so many times and research it constantly.  But when I tell them the 
benefits to using you, they are very impressed.  I'm sure you will get 
business from our trip.  And I will be contacting you again when it's time 
for our next vacation.
Connie J from Illinois
Absolutely the BEST service I have ever received from a travel consultant!  Above and beyond doesn't even come close to describing how well Pam addressed our needs!

Elizabeth T from Florida
The trip was a great success. Every thing went very well,  connections were smooth as clock work, and the accomodations were perfect.  Disney World and Cruise Line were outstanding. I very much appreciate all your suggestions and help. They really made the trip that much better. I expect you will be hearing from some friends to whom I have recommended you. I would also like to stay on your Email list. Thank you for putting together a wonderful family trip for us. Duke

Duke B from VA
I found Pam's last check in before our trip thoughtful. The e-mail stated if we had any final concerns or questions before our trip that she could help us with. I found that e-mail showed that Pam cares about her clients and the pride she takes in her job.

Susan A from MA
Pam, thanks again for all your help.  You were awesome and I have been telling everyone about you. Everyone is very surprised that I used a travel agent because I have been to Disney so many times and research it constantly.  But when I tell them the benefits to using you, they are very impressed.  I'm sure you will get business from our trip.  And I will be contacting you again when it's time for our next vacation.
Connie J from Illinois
Chris responded promptly to e-mails, had good suggestions for events, such as Mickey's not so scary halloween party, and made dining reservations for us. Chris also was very helpful with payment methods, and flexible with changes to the trip (even last minute changes). I will definately book my next trip to Walt Disney World through MouseEarVacations.

Diana G
Hi Pam!  Thank you for all you do.  You said you appreciate my business but I appreciate everything you do for all your clients and my friends that I have referred to you!  The other day my friend Brookie and I were talking--she was getting to leave this weekend for her Disney world/cruise trip and the day she and her family get off the boat, we get on!  She thinks so highly of you as well.  You have quite a fan club...  :)  Everyone I refer to you is always amazed at how quickly you respond to us, your level of professionalism, how organized you are, how knowledgable you are, etc., etc.

Christine K from VA
Pam is amazing at responding to emails with questions.. no matter what time of day or night.. or day of the week.. she got back to us within minutes. Pam was wonderful to work with! Made for even more of a happy vacation. Thank you!!
Meghan R from NH
Thank you very much for all your help and being so diligent with booking this trip.  You answered all my questions rather rapidly and thoroughly.  I’ve been researching and talking about taking this trip with my family for a few years now and every time I’d start searching, I’d find too much information and it only led to confusion and lot of questions.  You made booking this trip a breeze for me.

Michelle P from CA
Thank you for all of your help.  And please know that the level of service we received from you and the amount of effort you showed helping us in such short notice true separates you from anyone else I have ever worked with.   I look forward to our next trip and to referring you to anyone I know traveling.   Thank you again for all your help.
Craig S
Pam was a wonderful travel consultant to work with -- this was our first trip to WDW and she was so helpful with all of  my questions and always answered quickly and was very thorough.  I would (and have) HIGHLY recommend her to anyone interested in a Disney vacation. Thanks so much

Amy P from Kansas
Pam booked our table service meals but she also suggested some quick service restaurants in the locations that followed the itinerary that were excellent:  Earl of Sandwich and Tusker  House to be exact.  Pam also suggested that our children would appreciate Disney Quest - which they did.  Pam told us about the opportunity to arrive early and go directly to the park which was great.  Pam was extremely easy to work with and helped me traverse the World of Disney. I would have had many headaches trying to do this myself with no knowledge of the park, the restaurants, etc.  My sincere thanks for helping to make our vacation a wonderful experience.

Cindy P from Ohio
I was blessed to have found Pam and her vast expertise of Walt Disney World. From start to finish she displayed nothing but perfection. All information was detailed and laid out very well. She was also available at a moments notice (to my amazement), with replies that took minutes, not hours or days. Without a doubt she delivered the
best customer service I have every experienced; anywhere with any type of business. Thank You Pam

Daniel K from IN
Pam helped me to arrange my dinner plans in  conjunction with the parks I wanted to be in to allow me to enjoy my vacation time instead of constantly running for Disney'stransportation...something that can really ruin a vacation.

Lisa M from NH -
Pam answered every one of my questions within minutes of emailing her.  Her reccomendations were right on.  She made the planning painless and easy!

Coleen W from MA 
pam is fabulous!  this is our 3rd disney trip through her.  i have recommended her to friends and they have loved her also.

Deanna D from GA 
I loved everything that she did for me and how fast she responded to my e-mails and questions - she is the best and I recommend her all the time.

Lynn K from Iowa
Pam was always kind, knowledgeable, and readily available in helping us plan our trip.  She helped us plan a wonderful trip on short notice.  Thanks to her, the trip went beautifully.

Dottie B from AL
Thank you so much for helping me out. I told my girl friend who just went to WDW she should have booked her trip with you. She had so many problems due to her travel agent and it really made Rob and I realize how wonderful you made are last trip!
Heather F from Mass.
Our trip was awesome.  We received many great  tips and suggestions from Pam and all were right on.  Pam was always VERY quick with a response and never made me feel like I was "being a pest."

Debbie R from WI 
Pam is an awesome travel consultant.  She is the best!!  Very helpful and I will continue to use her for all our Disney trips.

Lesley P from MS  
Thank you for all of your hard work. The vacation went perfectly. Every detail worked out exactly like you set it up!  Every reservation, every meal, everything went perfectly!!!
Lisa M from NH - WDW 
This was the most relaxed vacation I have ever taken.  Pam took care of all our priority seating arrangements and was helpful all around!

Lori H 
Pam Schuck & her son, Chris,  have always given me and my friends exemplary  help in planning our vacations.  We all  continue to use their services as often as needed !!  I can't speak highly enough of Pam and Chris.... they give 110% every time - all the time !!

Pam is very prompt to answer any of our many questions.  Her attention to detail is excellent.  I have refered many friends to pam and all are extremely happy with her service.  My sister his planning a large family vacation for next year and I will have her book it through Pam.  I know everthing will be completed to the hightest level (Thanks Pam!!).

Anthony W from Canada 
Pam was execellent. She really helped us choose the places that were right for us. That women knows her stuff!

laura c
This trip was a holiday/special occasion celebration.  Pam notified Narcossee's when she made the reservation for dinner that it was my college graduation.  Upon check-in for dinner, the host asked about my graduation, what college and major, and then, on the menu, was a special notation, "Congratulations Karen".  That was just incredible thoughtful and special!

Karen S from VA
There is no one better than Pam.  As a former travel agent, I have never been less than 110% impressed with her service, knowledge, etc.

Leanne M from Calf 
Pam is always so helpful and answers any questions I have immediately.  She also sends little gifts to the kids, which they enjoy before we leave. We love Pam!!!

Bourque Nov 06 from CT
As I'm sure you can tell from this note, we thoroughly enjoyed the vacation.  And we really appreciate everything you did to make the vacation so great!  Your recommendations, the reservations that you made for us, and your willingness to answer our questions was outstanding.  Thanks for all of our help and your patience.  We will recommend you our friends and family!
Dennis L from IL  WDW
It feels like the magic of our trip begins when we receive our packet from you! Thanks for everything! 
Kimberly C from VA - WDW 
Thank you, Pam, for being so involved and making our experience such a positive one! 
Laura H from VA 
Pam always is special!  She is always there to answer my questions no matter how unimportant they are or what time of day it is.  We trust her and feel very comfortable with the way she handles our vacation arrangements. 
Darla P from PA - Disney Cruise
Pam NEVER failed to provide excellent service in a highly professional manner.  He is GREAT!!

Johnny P
I just wanted to write and let you know that we had a wonderful trip to Disney World resorts!  Thank you so much for all your help in lining it up.  We had great rooms at Pop Century, right behind the main reception building.  We couldn’t have had it any better.  We appreciate all your advice on where to stay, etc.  It truly made a difference in our trip.  
Thank you again for helping us make such magical memories!  We will pass your name along to our friends.
Robin C from Russia - WDW
Pam always makes sure to let me know of every detail.  She sends a special gift to our daughter with our travel documents before each trip.  She checks in with us before we leave, sends us a Mickey misses us card upon our return home, and always wants all the details of our trips!!  Pam is the very best!!!! I recommend Pam and you all to everyone I know for the best deals and service!

Melissa L from NC
Pam, it is really a pleasure working with you and everything is just as you say it will be. Never any problems at all. It is worth a lot to me to have you do it all. I have recommended you to lots of people. It is wonderful to have you do everything and all I have to do is give you a little information. My time is only about 5 minutes of involvement and you do the rest.
Patsy B from AL 
Chris, it was a vacation that will give us memories to last a lifetime.  Thank you for all your help in getting this vacation together for us, everything went smoothly thanks to you for all your help in getting us prepared.  I will keep your name and email address and pass it along to others and will look forward to working with you for future disney vacations.
YOU helped make our vacation Magical and we say THANKS AGAIN!

Christy F
I want to express great appreciation for your help with my family vacation. It was in fact one of the best if not the best vacation i have had. My mother who came along with us has more pictures of her grand kids along with memories that she will ever need. Everything was awesome starting with the accomadations at Port of Orleans to Disney staff. The dining package was unreal we had to come home to get on a diet. Once again thanks to you and your staff of creating a Wonderful memory that we will all remember the rest of our lives. Love the Bearb Family
I have to say, I  was initially skeptical that an agency could provide anything more than I could get on my own, but I was wrong.  The service you've (Chris)  provided and the ease involved in using it made a huge difference in our vacation.  Our vacation was hassle-free and the boys and I had a blast!  I've already referred several other friends to you. Once again, thank you! We'll definitely be return customers.

Toby S
Everything Pam does for everyone is done in a special manner.She makes everyone feel special

Patsy B from AL  WDW 
Pam is always extemely responsive and friendly.  She follows up promptly and seems to just make everything easy! Thanks, Pam!

Jennifer M from IL  at WDW
Thanks Pam for your speedy reply...you have clearly mastered customer service, and it is always a pleasure dealing with you!! Thanks so much for your assistance, it's always a pleasure.

Karen G from Canada 
Pam was excellent to deal with.  She set our mind at ease.  We had no worries from the time we made first contact with her.  She will be highly recommended for years to come!!

Krista C from Canada-
Pam arranged a lagre group(15)all of us felt that we were the only client she had. We have had only positive experience with her and will go no other place to book repeat vacations. Thanks Pam!!!

Anthony W Canada 
She (Pam)  placed many goodies for the children into our cruise packets - things like crayons, etc...overall she was personable, professional and doesn't seem to sleep, since her promptness was beyond my expectations!

Kim L for California - DCL 
You really are amazing.  10 pm and you responded to my email.  Pretty impressive service considering we haven't even spoken yet.

Scott S
This is the second time we used Pam. I wouldn't think of going to Disney without using her.  She is fantastic. We lucked out getting her the frist time, but there was no doubt in my mind that I would get her again, and again, and again.  I tell anyone and everyone about how wonderful she is.

Sue Ellen D from Canada - WDW 
I'm not sure how many trips Pam has planned for us (it has been several), but each time, she manages to outdo the fantastic service she did before.  We are already planning to get with Pam to figure out how to do a family trip (10 people total) for the fall of 2008.

Barry C from TX-WDW-
We booked a last minute trip to DisneyWorld and Pam took care of everything.  Her response time was immediate and she offered helpful advise.  We were having problems with hotel availability and she worked well into a Friday evening to confirm and finalize a hotel. She was an absolute please to work with and will highly recommend her to others.

Kim D from IL - WDW -
Pam always makes our trips extra special, whether it be the special surprises for our little one or just handling every question and request with ease and quickness!

Lori R from TX - WDW & DCL 
Thank you!  You're rates were right on par with others (agencies), but you went the extra mile to answer a lot of my questions.

Diane C
Thanks for all your help. I normally handle this myself but it has been so nice to just be able to let you know what we need and you take care of it for us. This has been the most stress free vacation planning I have ever done.

Jill W
I want to thank you so much for all of your help in planning this vacation and going out of your way to get me all the requested information.  You have made this so much easier for me than I ever imagined.
Melissa C from NY
Pam ensured that we were located in the part of the hotel that we liked the best. Informed us when a cheaper rate became available for our vacation and refunded the price difference immediately. I would not hesitate to book with Pam again as she has always provided perfect service. She is a credit to your company. Thanks Pam!

Gareth B from UK - April WDW
Chris ALWAYS goes beyond anything we can expect.  He is a delight to work with.

Johnny P from TN
Pam takes exceptionally good care of us each year and this year was no exception.  The special B'Day notations for our dining reservations were a treat!  She did an awesome job with all of tour reservations as well and we did quite a few.  I am always confident that everything is taken care of for us.  All I have to do is get on the plane and go!!  Can't wait for next years trip!!

Robert Z from Mass - WDW - 
Pam was AMAZING! She always responded to emails right away, usually within the hour! She also sent Aron a "farewell" package with books and a stuffed animal, we really appreciated it! All of our reservations were perfect, no problems at all!

Emily B from VA
Hugs to you for helping make this trip so special.  Your attention to detail and ease of taking care of our plans really helped make our travel planning a bit easier!  

Deb C from OH
Our vacation was completely worry free. Pam took care of everything we asked for.  Our driver was waiting at airport and was very helpful when we arrived at Disney and again when we departed. Our vacation was exactly as we wanted it.

Judith P
chris got us great rooms and dinner reservations at house of blues after our cirque show..we have "used" him before, have recommended him to others and will definitely "use" him again!!!

Sue H
Pam was wonderful and changed many details for me about my trip several times (simply I was a pain! And she was great) also she phoned me whilst on my trip to make sure I was ok as we  had a flight delay. She was wonderful.

Wendy F from Australia/WDW May
Pam continues to be the best at what she does!!  We appreciate her promptness to our requests and follow through with exacting detail.  No stone is left unturned. We continue to recommend her to all our friends.

James M from MA - May
She was very personable and friendly.  The planning was a lot of fun too and Pam seemed to be excited for us.  We took a Disney Cruise last year, which was booked through our local AAA. We did not have the friendly and fun experience that time, as we did with Pam handling our arrangements.  She even sent us a personal fan to help beat the Carribean heat!

Diana T from Ohio - DCL
Pam was absolutely awesome to work with. She
is so knowledgeable about everything Disney. She was so helpful and made everything so easy for me. Our first trip to Disney World with our 4 year old and 2 1/2  year old was perfect. A trip we will never forget. Thanks Pam!

Lisa M from Mass - WDW
Pam was awesome.  We've told so many friends and family members about our trip and her help.  I cannot believe how quickly she responded to our inquiries and requests.  The trip was great, thanks to Pam.

Chris B from IL - WDW
Thank you, Pam!  You're the greatest!  I appreciate all you did for us again in helping to plan our disney cruise and for answering all my questions over the past months.  You truly have a gift-the gift of travel and for being so knowledgable and helpful and kind and understanding and patient, and oh, I could go on and on!
 I wish all people in the service industry were as professional and kind and efficient and knowledgable as you.  You set the bar very high!  
Christine K from VA - 
Thank you for finding and getting the discount for me.  It's that kind of service that will entice me to recommend you to other friends who may be travelling to WDW someday.  Keep up the good work.
Pam answered any question I had with in 5 minutes. She is the best.

Susan K from IL -
Once again, I cannot thank you enough for all that you have done for us.  We can't wait to go - the kids are so excited.
I justed wanted you to know that I am very thankful for all that you did for us  - e-mails, reservations and questions.  You have made this way to easy and saved me a lot lot lot of time.  
Thanks for everything!!
Melissa C WDW 
What didn't she do?!  She helped us with every step of the trip!  Usually I would spend days/weeks/months researching, planning, scheduling, finding the best deals... I didn't need to do this because I knew Pam had our best interests in mind and was there for us!  I especially appreciated how quickly she responded to questions, etc.  There were times when it was literally seconds!!! Amazing!

Amanda C from CT Disney Land & Sea Vacation
Pam is wonderful.  I have used her in the past and she has always been extremely helpful in planning our vacations. I have recommended her to family and friends and will continue to do so. She is very knowledgeable and her suggestions are always right on point.

Michelle D from PA - Cruise 
Chris was AWESOME!  this was our first trip and MANY will follow.   I have also recomended that all of our riends who are planning Disney vacations book through him.  Thanks for making online travel arranging a super experience!

Heather B from CA
Just so you know, I am always telling people about you. I cant tell you enough how helpful you always are. When my nephew gets ready to go down with his two boys you better believe I will have him contact you. You are great! Thanks Pam.

Sheri W from Ohio 
Pam was extremely helpful and always quick to respond to any questions we had. The information and tips that Pam provided and the reservations that she made for us gave us confidence that all of our needs would be met when we arrived at our resort. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a very professional, competent travel assistant.

Arlene P from TX
Chris-I want to thank you again for the great work that you have done.  I definitely will recommend you to people and will definitely contact you again when we are looking for any of the vacations that you specialize in. 

Brad P from CT Disneyland
Pam is ALWAYS prompt with replies to questions. She even called me at home before our last Disney trip to be certain I received timely info. Pam is also very knowledgeable. I am always confident Pam will give me accurate information or look for the answer to my questions if she does not have it at hand.

Robert G from Mass - Princess Cruise 
We appreciate the way you look after your clients.  It's good
to know you are keeping an eye on the discount situations for us.  It adds to the
magic!!!!!   ;-)

Kathy H from IL - WDW
I was please that she was able to pick our table service meals since I was too busy to research them and choose on my own.  She nailed it!!!

Jon C - from Oh 
Chris made this one of the most enjoyable vacation experiences.  The things that impressed me most were the almost instantaneous responses to my e-mails and the professional manner in which I was helped. I would/WILL most certainly use Chris for my annual trip to WDW. I cannot  say enough about how helpful Chris was in planning my family vacation. 

Sergio A from IL
I must take a minute to state, you have been SO courteous and responsive and I think this has to be the easiest vacation we have ever booked! You make it SO simple. This is why Stephanie refers you to everyone that mentions Disney! 

Sal M from PA 
Pam Schuck is absolutely AMAZING.  Words cannot properly describe the gratitute I feel in how professional, friendly, knowledgable, efficient, etc., etc., Pam is!!  She truly goes above and beyond and is the MOST KNOWLEDGABLE and professional travel agent I have EVER worked with.  Everything she prepared for us from the cruise, to the transfers at the airport (town car) to arranging character meals at Chef Mickey's and for the breakfast with the princesses at Cinderella's castle-were all perfect.  All my questions that I emailed Pam (whether I emailed her morning, noon, night, or onweekends, were answered within 5-10 minutes-truly incredible.  She always knew the answer to everything-whether it was about the disney cruise, disney world, the parks, the character meals-she knew it all.She even sent my boys disney coloring books and markers before our trip as a surprise and they were so thrilled!  Pam Schuck should win travel agent of the year award.  We just love her!!

Christine K from VA - Disney Cruise 
Many thanks for helping us get all this done. We really appreciate it. I don't know how those going to WDW for the first time would get their moneys worth without this kind of help. This is going to be my third trip and WDW is much more complicated today than it was on my first trip.

Art B from NV
We had to change our dates more then once and Pam/Chris both were very happy to switch everything for us. They explained everythign and gave us all our options. We were very pleased with our vacation and the ease of everything because they had prepared us so well.

Kristi B from Ohio - WDW 
What can I say.  She took care of everything. Because of last minute changes Pam really went above and beyond the call of duty. Keep up the good work, I'm telling everyone I know

George L from Ohio - WDW
I have too tell you Rob and I would never book a Disney Vacation with any one else you truly go the extra mile and I know you have A-LOT of travel clients to take care of You always make us feel as though we are the only ones. We are in your hands and I will worry no more. Thanks 

Heather F from Mass
I wish everything in my life was as efficient as you...thank you so much!  You are making this SO EASY for us!
Mary N from MA 
I want you to know how very much I am enjoying working with you.  I feel like I am depending on you to make a lot of decisions for us, but even though we have been to WDW 5 times since it opened, things change so rapidly it is hard to keep up with things like you do!
Thanks again for everything, Pam.  I will DEFINITELY recommend your services to anyone I hear who is planning a trip to WDW or a Disney cruise.  I would love to take our grandkids on a cruise in a year or two and sure know who to come to.

Patricia C from SC 
As she has done previously Pam was excellentanswering all of our questions with amazing speed.This is our second booking and we are still amazed at the service

J Baker from Australia - WDW 
Pam held our hands through the whole process and kept us right on track with all our deadlines, etc.  She was very good to send us reminders and check in with us often to be sure we didn't overlook anything important to us.  She added personal touches that made us feel like we were the only clients in the world!   We will definitely recommend her to our friends and family. It all worked out great for us!

Cindy M from KY - WDW 
Pam arranged excellent seating for us at the Contemporary Hotel for dinner @
the California Grill.  We also had a room in the builing that was
recommended to us at the end of the builing overlooking the lake.  This was
excellent as it was out of the flow of traffic and very quiet.  Our
transportation to the resort was excellent. The only complaint I have is
that I didn't use use more of the services that were available to us through
Mouse Ear Vacations.  That was my fault - everything Pam did for us was

Jolene M from NE - WDW 
Everything was just perfect! Pam sent Buzz Lightyear caps for my grandsons as a surprise. They just loved them! Pam was very detail oriented. I really seldom had any questions because Pam was so thorough in her planning.

Linda B from MD 
Pam was readily available to me and my numerous questions. I sent emails at all hours of the day and she would always answer promptly.  It was a pleasant surprise to have such incredible service. I will definately use her again and highly recommend her services to anyone.

Holli B from OH
Pam sent an Aerial stamp pad/writing set to my  daughter along with our vacation paperwork.  My daughter really thought  that was special.  She said Pam must have known she liked the Princesses! Pam has been so helpful on both vacations we have booked through her. She's the best!

Melanie D from In 
She was just very kind and helpful and made our vacation planning very easy
and stressfree.

Amanda S from WV
Thanks for all your time and effort.  I have told everyone I know that even talks about going to contact you.  Our trip was made extra extra special because of your work.  

Dianna G from Ohio 
Pam is just awesome - she answers the e-mail's so fast and is very knowledgable and very helpful.  She provides top notch service. Pam is the best!!

Lynn K from Iowa 
Pam went above and beyond for making sure my parents, who are deaf, received all the services available for those who are disabled.  I wasn't expecting interpreters on board and that made our trip all the more worth it.  I highly recommend using Cruising Company for any and all Disney vacations!  Thanks Pam!

Shawna P from NC
Everything was perfect. Pam answers questions immediately so I was always "in the know". I can't think of a thing that would make it better since it was perfect the first time. 

Lee Ellen K from SC  Disney Cruise 
After we already booked and paid for our trip, Pam found a better "deal" and passed the savings along to us. Our experience was seamless.  I booked directly through Disney on a previous cruise, and Pam made this booking experience so much better and less expensive.

Sharon B from FL 
Pam made arrangements at the last minute and never made me feel like I was
a problem. She went above and beyond at making me feel comfortable.

Nicole B from AL
Pam arranged excellent seating for us at the Contemporary Hotel for dinner @
the California Grill.  We also had a room in the builing that was
recommended to us at the end of the builing overlooking the lake.  This was
excellent as it was out of the flow of traffic and very quiet.  Our
transportation to the resort was excellent. The only complaint I have is
that I didn't use use more of the services that were available to us through
Mouse Ear Vacations.  That was my fault - everything Pam did for us was

Jolene M from NE - WDW 
Everything was just perfect! Pam sent Buzz Lightyear caps for my grandsons as a surprise. They just loved them! Pam was very detail oriented. I really seldom had any questions because Pam was so thorough in her planning.

Linda B from MD 
Pam was readily available to me and my numerous questions. I sent emails at all hours of the day and she would always answer promptly.  It was a pleasant surprise to have such incredible service. I will definately use her again and highly recommend her services to anyone.

Holli B from OH
Pam sent an Aerial stamp pad/writing set to my  daughter along with our vacation paperwork.  My daughter really thought  that was special.  She said Pam must have known she liked the Princesses! Pam has been so helpful on both vacations we have booked through her. She's the best!

Melanie D from In 
She was just very kind and helpful and made our vacation planning very easy
and stressfree.

Amanda S from WV
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