Thanks for all your time and effort.  I have told everyone I know that even talks about going to contact you.  Our trip was made extra extra special because of your work.  

Dianna G from Ohio 
Pam is just awesome - she answers the e-mail's so fast and is very knowledgable and very helpful.  She provides top notch service. Pam is the best!!

Lynn K from Iowa 
Pam went above and beyond for making sure my parents, who are deaf, received all the services available for those who are disabled.  I wasn't expecting interpreters on board and that made our trip all the more worth it.  I highly recommend using Cruising Company for any and all Disney vacations!  Thanks Pam!

Shawna P from NC
Everything was perfect. Pam answers questions immediately so I was always "in the know". I can't think of a thing that would make it better since it was perfect the first time. 

Lee Ellen K from SC  Disney Cruise 
After we already booked and paid for our trip, Pam found a better "deal" and passed the savings along to us. Our experience was seamless.  I booked directly through Disney on a previous cruise, and Pam made this booking experience so much better and less expensive.

Sharon B from FL 
Pam made arrangements at the last minute and never made me feel like I was
a problem. She went above and beyond at making me feel comfortable.

Nicole B from AL
Thanks, again – you’ve been SO wonderful and it’s been so nice to just have all of this done for us.  Absolutely will recommend you again and again!  (we’re making our friends so jealous!)

Brooke W from Ohio 
Pam was awesome! This was our first Disney trip and she guided us through our planning. One thing in particular was recommending to use the dinning plan and to make reservations ahead of time. We were extreamely pleased!

Angie T from WI - November - WDW
Pam is an excellent communicator with superior response time and she treats each client as if he/she were her only client.  Pam always includes some type of personal touch when we book with her - a photo book for my kids, thank you card, etc.  This is the 4th trip in 3 years we have booked with Pam.

Anne R - WDW
Can I just say I don't think I have ever gotten such prompt service from a travel company.
 I so appreciate all of the work you are doing for us. Thank you. 

Peggy J from IL 
Thanks for all your time and effort.  I have told everyone I know that even talks about going to contact you.  Our trip was made extra extra special because of your work.  

Dianna G from Ohio 
Pam is just awesome - she answers the e-mail's so fast and is very knowledgable and very helpful.  She provides top notch service. Pam is the best!!

Lynn K from Iowa 
Pam was the best!!! She was so helpfull with everything. I was impressed and
will be back!!

Lisa S from GA - 
Pam did everything possible to make this a wonderful trip.  She answered all
questions,she made great suggestions,and was with us all the way!!!  I will
use Pam again for our next travel plans.
I can't think of any you could do to improve!

Jim M - WDW
Pam -
I don't think I ever properly thanked you for all you did in helping us plan our DisneyWorld vacation.  I went with Sheri Whittle in late September, and she made the arrangements with you.  She kept bragging on you, and although I believed her, I hadn't had any experience on my own working with a travel agent.  However, the more I hear about other people's experiences, the more I realize what a great job you did!  When I tell people how easy everything was - the transportation, the dining arrangements, the tickets, etc - they are just amazed.
I cannot express to you how much my daughter and I enjoyed the trip.  It was so much more than just a vacation.  I've been through a lot in the last couple of years, and this trip was a real turning point for me.  I got so much more from it than just a visit to a cool vacation spot.  Not to mention the great memories we have of a special mother/daughter trip.

Melody from Ohio
Pam, I just wanted to say thank you very much for all of the work you have done for us over the last month or so. You really stay on top of things and I think that is really fantastic. You definitely have the Disney Way in you. I spent 10 years working at Disneyland with Retlaw and Disneyland and Walt would be proud of you!
 Thank you, Pam!!

Bill C from CO - DCL
Pam is always very helpful, personable and friendly.  We have been very  pleased with her services, and keep coming back for more (3rd trip through her)

Sue-Ellen D from Canada  - WDW
Pam's service is why we keep coming back. It is our 3rd booking through her and she does everything perfect, and we have no worries when it comes to our vacation. Pam goes above and beyond.

Heather P from Canada - WDW
Pam did what she always does--everything that needed to be done!!  I just email her, get my documents, and take the trip...she does all the work!

Keith W from Florida - WDW
Pam Schuck was one of three agents I initially contacted to arrange our vacation.  It was soon very evident that she would be the one we would choose to use because of her fast responses, her professionalism, her thoroughness and attention to detail.

Sharon G from MI - DCL
Our travel consultant was wonderful.  I have already recommended her to three friends who will be traveling within the next year.  She responded in a timely manner to my emails.  She was very professional but yet friendly in both emails and conversations.  It felt as if she went out of her way to ensure that we had a wonderful vacation. Having used several travel agents in the past (including one that my husband works with), we found Pam Schuck to be our favorite.  We will definitely be booking our next vacation to Disney with her.

Xana D - WDW
Pam is always very patient and courteous.  She responds quickly.  I would not hesitate to recommend her to others.  I will use her again!

Vince D from GA - DCL
Pam, I want to thank you for your service. You are so reliable, all questions answered promptly, and you keep track of everything for us.
For 28 years in my previous position before retirement, I worked with big firm travel agents, but never once was there anyone as great as you.
I thought about running an ad in the paper for anyone wanting to go to Disney World to contact you, because they don't know what they are missing.
Thanks for everything,

Patsy B from AL - WDW
The "extra little touches" were nice.  Fun web links, messages on our voicemail when we arrived, and a thank you note when we got home all made me feel more than just "another customer".  Pam is very personable and easy to work with.  She was prompt in responding to my questions and kept me well informed.

D Leis - From WI - WDW
Pam kept in touch with me constantly. This is appreciated since we did everything on the web.Loved her Welcome to WDW Babe Omara message. The limo service was excellent. We got the room and the building I requested at the Polynesian resort. Pam called our first day to make sure we arrived and everything was okay. Overall a wonderful experience

Babe O from CA - WDW
Pam called the resort and left us a message to make sure my questions were answered from a call I made to her while I was intransit to WDW.  It was nice that she followed through with us.  She is a nice person and treated me like I had purchased a $5000 cruise when it was only a $1400 WDW trip.

Lisa S from GA - WDW
Pam let Disney know we were celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary and the whole trip was wonderful as a result! It was also very nice to have a call  from Pam when we arrived in our room welcoming us. We have used Pam for several years now and we have never been disappointed. Thanks Pam for another wonderful magical trip! This has definitely been one to remember and you were a part of that!

Sue H from IND.  - WDW 
Pam was wonderful to work with. she answered every question I had. I will book with her for our next vacation.

Sarah B from NC - WDW
Pam was very prompt with all communication. She was helpful, fast & accurate. She never seemed bothered or irritated by multiple questions. Loved her! Very helpful!

Danielle T from NJ - WDW
Pam –

Thank you for your continued help and card!  We had the most amazing time at WDW!  It was everything we had hoped it would be and more.  From the events we planned, things we cancelled, and things that just seemed to work out – it was practically perfect.  The Wilderness Lodge was amazing.  So calming after a crazy day in the parks.  And it was Wilderness – we saw lizards, armadillo, and deer right around the property!  The kids LOVED it!

It was truly a trip we will never forget and hope to take again when Bryce turns 5 in two years…..  We will definitely call ya.  

Again, thanks for EVERYTHING!

Schwarz Family - WDW 
The attention to detail and promptness of responses gave me complete confidence that everything would go as planned and requests would be honored - and they were It is perfection. 
Kay R from England - WDW
Pam is wonderful.  We had a trip involving seven (7) different families all with different needs, etc. and she was GREAT.

Nancy W from MA - DCL
Pam was incredibly responsive.  Best travel consultant I have EVER used!!

B Remick from PA
Pam was able to meet all of our dining requests for a party of 19. Pam made my parents 40th anniversary a memorable occasion that we will never forget! Pam is quick when responding to our emails and honest on what would make our vacation work best for our family. Pam is wonderful!
Susan A from Mass. - WDW
This trip was our honeymoon and Pam knew it. I did not ask her to inform the resort of this, but she did anyway and they treated us as special as Disney always does for honeymooners.  Pam has never failed to get us the best possible rate and have us treated in the best possible way, and I am sure she never will!

Keith W - Florida - WDW
Pam checked and found prices had dropped, so she lowered our rate!  We can always count that everything will be taken care of with her!

Barb O - from GA - Carnival Cruise 
Pam did a fantastic job for us.  Everything was great we had no problems what so ever.  She even called and left us a message in our room at the Contemporary making sure everything was okay when we arrived.  Our vacation was just as good this time as it was two years ago when we went through MouseEars (we worked with Chris Schuck).

Barbara T.WDW
Pam made great suggestions. Loved the online check in, loved that she checked with me about last minute questions. She also checked to make sure I received my packet.  family's dinner reservations was great. Explaining the dining plan. Pam was great getting  back to me very fast.

Annette I from MA - WDW
Pam Shuck is truly one of the nicest people in the world. She has been our travel agent for many years, however, this is the first time I have dealt with her myself. Until now, my late husband made all our arrangements. Our family had a trip planned last fall, but my husband passed away in Aug. Pam made sure our deposits (for 5 rooms) were refunded. When the family decided it was time to try again, Pam handled everything. I would never had attempted to plan a trip for 9 people without her help. My family will never use another agent.

Lynn C from Orlando - WDW
Pam's service is why we keep coming back. It is our 3rd booking through her and she does everything perfect, and we have no worries when it comes to our vacation. Pam goes above and beyond.

Heather P from Canada 
Pam is just like a contractor she does everything you expect and then some. She asked and we received everything we requested. There is no possible way Pam can improve her service. She is such a joy to work with. Very dependable and quick to respond to any questions. In our opinion she is the best ever......

Patsy B from  Alabama 
 Pam's service always makes a difference!!!  I never have to worry if my room is really waiting or if it's what I asked for--it always is!
Keith W From Florida - WDW
I'm speaking the truth, you’re the best agent I've ever dealt with! Always courteous, helpful, never agitated no matter how many times we email you crazy questions lol and to me that means everything!

Ericka S – WDW 2017

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And this is why you're the travel agent of the year!!!!!  Thank you, Pam.   I had never heard this either, until my friend mentioned something...It would be crazy after planning this whole big trip to Alaska/Canada, if we made it to the airport and they wouldn't let us fly to Vancouver b/c our passports expire 2 months after the trip.  So, I guess we're good for the Alaska trip, but will renew them later in the summer anyway, for the next trip.  Thanks again for checking.  You are amazing and that's why you're the best travel agent in the universe.  You always know where to find the answers.  I tried looking online, but there is so much information on passports, it was overwhelming, and I couldn't find the answer I was looking for.  Thanks again.  Christine  xxxooo

Christ K from VA - 2/11
Thanks for all you have done for us. Your prompt attention and help has relieved some of the stress in our life. Have a super weekend.

Dr. Jeff L from GA - Feb 2011
:I really appreciated the speed at which Pam would get back to any questions I had, along with the follow up emails from her.  She really wanted to make sure we were all set and had no other additional questions.

Michelle S from MN - February 2011
Pam is awesome and deserves a raise!  She was VERY professional and was very quick on communications.  Even when I sent emails late at night she would respond.  She arranged for us to get a preferred room at our resort and was so helpful with any questions we had. I truly believe that we had a better vacation because she was our travel agent.  I would never have been able to plan everything on my own without her help.  Having an expert on your side is very important.  She even booked our dinner reservations for us.
Heather I - From Indiana - WDW - March 11
Pam Schuck was personally recommended to us by a family that had worked with her before and we will definitely recommend her to any of our friends thinking about a Disney vacation. Pam knew the benefits of requesting a room near the bus stop...we had no idea until we got there what a difference that was really going to make.  It simplified everything!
Flynn Family from Mass. - April 2011 - WDW
Pam always makes sure everything is perfect. From setting up the resort and dining reservations to every last detail.
Cheryl L from WI - Nov. 2010 - WDW
Pam always answers any questions I have IMMEDIATELY, and is always so helpful.  She also sends a little something with our paperwork, which amplifies the anticipation of our trip.  We love Pam!
Marnie B from CT - Disney Cruise - 12/10
Thanks Pam – you were just great and we had a fabulous time.  The kids absolutely had the best experience.  Everything was perfect.  Your service was spectacular and I felt very comforted knowing you were just a quick email away if we had any questions or issues.  It was so nice of you to call and check in as well.  It’s those little steps that make a huge difference.  
Carrie B from MA - WDW - 12/10
We have booked several vacations with Pam and I am always impressed with her quick response and knowledge.  I ALWAYS recommend Pam to anyone I know going to Disney!  We are considering a Family Cruise for Christmas next year and Pam will be the one we call.

Christina R from GA - WDW 2010
Pam kept in touch, phoned at the resort and told us to look for paper work that would tell us that Disney had the correct information. Gave great suggestions for dining and what to look for on the Disney Dream that was invaluable

Roberta W from Canada - Jan DCL & WDW
Pam provided my family excellent customer service.  She even called us upon our check-in to the hotel to welcome us and wish us an enjoyable vacation.
Rita Mooney from MA - WDW/2010
Pam I know you spoke to wife Tammy but your planning made our trip amazing, and it exceeded my expectations. We had the greatest time in Disney, and I cannot wait to go again. Of course we will be getting in touch with you for the next trip. 
Craig S - November 2010
We need her for any WDW future trips. She is my BFF when we are planning our Disney vacations! I am a walking advertisement for MouseEarVacations/Pam. I always tell everyone how easy it is to use your services.
Mary Alice G. - WDW - November 2010
This is my 2nd time traveling with Pam's special Disney Magic and I was not disappointed.  She made the travel arrangements a breeze and helped us understand the nuances of the Dining Plan and with all of our reservation needs.
I will strongly recommend  Pam to any of my friends of colleagues that are planning a Disney vacation.
Bryan B from MI - WDW 2010
Pam has booked 5 vacations to Disney World for us.  She is always very prompt and courteous.  She is conscientious of our time and budget.
Shari M From MA - WDW - November 2010
Pam, you have been absolutely wonderful and I rave about you to any friends who may be considering a trip to Disney. You will hopefully be hearing from some of them in the next little while. I cannot thank you enough for all that you do!! You have made planning this trip so stress free and you were always so quick to any questions that I had!  Just incredible. 
Linda O from Canada - WDW  - Nov. 2010
Pam, went out of her way to assist us while planning our vacation. Whenever we contacted her with questions we received answers in a matter of minutes. She also helped us get the best deal.

Mamie G - WDW June 2010
Everything Pam does in planning my vacations is special.  She is the most attentive personal travel consultant I have ever met.  I don't think I could use anyone other than Pam when booking my vacations.

Richard M from MA - Disney World 2010
Pam is truly exceptional!  She replies to e-mails very quickly.  The stickers and the magnet she sent through the mail were a great little touch.  Pam also called our room at Disney and left a message for us to make sure everything was alright...a great personal touch.  This is our 3rd time Pam has helped us.  We would not go to Disney without working through Pam.  She is exceptional.

Keith K from Illinois - WDW June 2010
Pam always responds in record time even when I tell her "no hurry".  I'm beginning to wonder if she ever sleeps
Melissa J from Ind. - WDW 2010
I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you once again for all of your help with planning our Disney vacation.  It exceeded everyone's expectations.  The trip was flawless.  Beginning with the transportation, hotel reservation, dining reservations and park hopper passes everything was perfect.  I have given your name and number to several family and friends and hope to send some vacations your way.  We will definitely call you again when making our future vacation plans. 
Tammy S - WDW October 2010 
Pam we did book another cruise onboard for the Alaskan cruise for July, 2011.  I have to tell you this funny story-I brought your business card with me when I went to the booking desk and met with Leslie, the future cruise sales manager. She saw your name and of course I told her I still wanted to work with you. She told me she has actually talked with you a few times and she proceeded to tell me how lucky I was to have you as my travel agent b/c "Pam is truly one of the best if not the best in the business".  I totally agreed with her and went on and on about how wonderful you are and how I DO feel so lucky to have booked all my Disney vacations with you.  Anyway, it was neat knowing she knew who you were and that she spoke so highly of you!!!

Christine K from VA - MAY 2010
We are hoping that we can plan another vacation for next year sometime, and you can be sure that we will book thru you. Your help with every step of our vacation, and your truly personal service made everything so special.

Nancy M from Ohio - May 2010 - WDW
As ALWAYS, Pam went out of her way to find us the very best rate for our resort.  I never worry about checking on such things since I know she is out there looking from the moment I book it to see if any lower rate has come up.

K Westbrook from Florida - 2010
This is the third time I have worked with Pam on vacation plans.  She is always extremely prompt, very helpful and a pleasure working with.  She makes planning and reservations a breeze. I have appreciated her service so much that I recommend her to anyone travelling to Disney!

S Cloutier - WDW June 2010
By the way Pam, I talked to my friend Tracy today who I referred to you and she just got back from the Beach Club-she could not say enough amazing things about her hotel (she LOVED the beach club and was so thrilled she decided on that one), and on the whole vacation-she said you are simply amazing (I already knew that).  We were all singing your praises.  She said she will refer everyone she knows to you who is going on any Disney related vacation.  I hope you know how loved and appreciated you are!!!  

She had a fantastic time and just kept thanking me for referring her to you!  I said if everyone in the world delivered customer service like Pam, the world would be a better place!

Christine K from VA - April 2010
Pam was very prompt with replies when I asked her questions. She knew all the answers. She was very professional.  She had everything organized. I didn't have to worry about a thing but to have a good time.  I was thrilled to get a message from her while we were on our trip and when we returned. I love those personal touches.  

Kathy D from Canada - WDW April 2010
Always something a little extra special for us when we go through Pam!  We know all will be magical...and if by chance there's a problem we know Pam will be on it like a mouse on cheese :).  Pam makes vacationing easy!

Leona K from NY - WDW April 2010
I realize that room requests are not always guaranteed, but it seems when Pam books our rooms for us that we always get what we're looking for. This trip we had 3 rooms in a row as requested... perfect! Always a speedy response from Pam too! I don't hesitate to refer Pam when I hear someone is taking a WDW trip.

Melissa J from IN - May 2010
Pam, you have made this so much easier than when I planned one on my own before.  I'll never do that again.

Thanks again!

Lindsay G from VA - January 2010

Pam Schuck is the best!  Friendly, knowledgeable & responds quickly to my many questions!

Claire Gordon  - WDW Jan 2010
We had a wonderful time on our Disney Vacation.  The weather was near perfect.  The Wilderness Lodge was just as we remembered.  All our meals were great.  We are just totally exhausted.  Our kids went non stop for 7 days. .  I appreciate all your prompt attention to our vacation details and will definitely be getting in contact with you the next time we go and will pass your name around to all our friends.  Having the inside track at Disney is what you need and is what we got with you!

Sandy L - WDW 2010
Pam, are you ever NOT working on Disney - you've responded to me on weekends, at night, during the day ... incredible.

Do you have a manager or someone I can put in a letter to, and let them know how awesome you are!!

 Beth H. from Ohio - February, 2010
I wanted to let you know that we had an amazing trip once again!  Your service was excellent as usual and I have absolutely no complaints:)  Once again thank you so much for your impeccable service.  I don't know when we will be going back but I will definitely be contacting you when we do.  Hope you have a wonderful day!

Shala J. from AL - WDW
Thanks for all of your assistance with our vacation.  I appreciated the constant communication and everything was so well planned that our vacation went smoothly.  Although I was nervous trying to keep everything straight (e.g., where do we go at the airport?  Will we know what transportation to take? Etc.) you had it all well-organized so that when we arrived it was all clear. 
Susan W from MO - WDW
Pam's attention to personal detail is beyond  comparison

Roger H from Ohio - WDW
Pam made sure that I was comfortable. Answered all emails very quickly and kindly.

Nicole B from AL - WDW
While at Disney their computer system showed only one of our 5 dining reservations for us. I emailed Pam from my phone (from within the park) and with in 3 mins (no lie) she had replied back to me with all my confirmation numbers. (I had forgotten my paper in the hotel room) Guest Services was able to pull up all our reservations with those numbers and we were set. My husband was (and had been) so impressed with her quick response (on a Sunday no less). It really started our trip off on the right foot and worry free the rest of our time there.

Michelle M from NC - WDW