"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for all your time and patience while working with Maria and I with planning our trip. I will definitely recommend you to everyone I know." 

Chad R.Tennessee
"Thanks again for everything you've done for us.  This truly will be a memorable vacation!"  

Jason M from Idaho.
"I will be honest with you and I DO mean honest. When I contacted the site for the quote and you responded, I had fully intended to book the vacation myself on different sites.  I was going to book the room on WDW. The air on Spirit.com, the hoppers and other stuff on another site. But your response to my needs and questions were  so fast and correct that you really impressed me and I decided to go with you even though I have booked trips myself and I DO have a local girl named Christine that I used for my last trip. But your knowledge and pure service was superior to Christine's. So I went with you instead of doing it myself.  Your even not affraid to tell us that if you dont know the answer you'll go to the Disney District Mngr. and find out. " 

Bob R. from Illinois

"You are the only one I will have help me book a trip. We sure were lucky to find you."  
Ann F from Ohio". 
"Thanks for all your hard work. Your very good at what you do. I will be sure to refer you to anyone planning a trip to Disney." Susan B. from Illinois
Eleanor C. from New York
"It was an absolute pleasure working with you. Thanks for all your help. I will surely remember you for any upcoming trips and will recommend you to my friends." 
Joanne A. from Illinois 
She (Pam) went above  and beyond the call of duty. I felt like she really cared about all the details. She was more like a freind than a Travel Consultant. Pam exceeded my expectations!!! 
Kim N. from Florida
We are so excited about our trip. When we received those little gifts along with our packet it brought tears to my eyes. It's very heart warming when someone goes the extra mile to make a childs day. She loves the pooh light and is very excited about seeing fireworks!
Melisa M. from CA.
I thought you were absolutely great before, but after bringing in the mail today I'd raise that to totally awesome and then some!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Alexander was THRILLED to get the postcard!!! He's had me read it to him a bunch of times and is just SO excited that Mickey would write to him and be looking forward to seeing him come to Disney.  What a wonderful thoughtful idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Alexander has a small photo album of about 10 pics that he carries around and he's downstairs right now deciding which one must come out to make room for this new special one!!! Thank you so VERY much
Janet C. from CT
Pam: Thank you so much for planning such a remarkable vacation!  We couldn't have had a better time.  The itinerary you made for us was perfect, you couldn't have chosen better shows or restaurants. Jordan was even chosen to be the "Chef of the Day" at the Crystal Palace; what a true magical moment!  We will treasure the memories of this vacation for a lifetime. Thank you so much for your hard work and help. I will HIGHLY recommend you to everyone I know!
Missy W. from OK
Gee Pam---You make me feel like we're your only customer! I mean that as a great compliment :)  The amount of time that you've put in with us for this little thing and the amazingly quick response time to everything we've asked for is just phenomenal.  You are a great travel connection to have!
Leona K. from NY
YAY!!!  Thank you so much for changing our rate.  I remember that you had said you would look out for discounts, but I never really expected Disney to have a lower rate.  Now, if you could make the time pass faster, you really would be our fairy godmother!  ;)
Michelle B. from AK

Our consultant always went above and beyond the call of duty - from beginning to end - she was informative, but not pushy - and took a sincere interest in our family's needs. The one question we all have is: does she ever sleep?! She always seemed there at her keyboard ready to answer any email, return any phone call and work on our package!! Surely we weren't her only customers, but we sure felt like it!! Our family vacation was a success
because of her professionalism and personalized care!! We will be certain to use your services for our next trip!
Sylvia M. from PA
Chris did a super job. Very professional and thorough. We had a nice welcome home letter waiting for us when we arrived home. I will be calling Chris next time we need vacation help. I would rate him 10 out of 10.
Jeff G. from OK
We just returned from a wonderful week at Walt Disney World.  Pam Schuck assisted us in planning this trip and she was extremely helpful.  I like to communicate via email and every question I had for her (even on weekends) she would respond in a very timely manner with answers to my questions.  Also, she went out of her way to add some extra special surprises for us and the kids.  I would definitely recommend Pam to anyone considering travel to WDW or any other destination she handles.  Hopefully we'll be venturing back Mickey's way in the next few years and we plan on using Pam again.
Steve S. from TN
Thank you so very much for all the neat presents.  That was so thoughtful of you.  Kyan will be so happy to see these things. He is coming over this weekend for a sleepover and I can't wait to show him the new camera, binoculars, watch, and photo album you sent.  And you added film too!  Kyan loves taking pictures with my camera.  He will be thrilled with all of these cute things. I am really touched by your generousity.  You have added a special touch of magic to our trip.  Everything looks to be in order for a wonderful time at Disney World. I will surely get in touch with you for our next trip.  I'm not sure when it will be, but with my Disney addiction, I'm hoping to be able to go once a year.

Thank you once again, Pam. I have never experienced such wonderful personalized service when booking our vacations before and will highly recommend you to anyone I know who is traveling.  
Jo Anne A. from IL
Pam was absoluetly the best person to work with. She was quick with the info and answered any and all questions I had. She was very friendly and extremely nice. She continuously tried to find a better package for me and did so with no complaints or tiredness. I plan on contacting her with any future vacation plans I make.
Linda M. from MI
I know sometimes people give too much feedback on someone's service whether it be bad or good.  The truth of the matter is that I always book my own Disneyworld vacation and have done so about 4 times on the net.  I asked for a quote after hitting a link just to get an idea how much I was saving doing it myself.  Pam responded, then I asked her several questions and she
responded with the proper answers and so fast it made my head spin. After several emails I was so impressed with her service that I thought I would give her a shot because I was saving alittle money doing it myself but I figured it would be worth it to have someone get me PS and tickets so on, so I went with Pam.  Not only did she do a great job for us but she went past great service. I made alot of changes I was truly impressed and I am in the service business  myself.  She got us priority seating at Cindrella's Character Breakfast which several of my freinds could NOT get and she got them right away.  I am not blowing any smoke here, Pam's service is
OUTSTANDING!!!   I tell everybody I know to use her if they need a PTC and I will surely use her in the future.

Bob R. from IL
He (Chris) had prompt and efficent responces to our questions with a willingness to volunteer other suggestions to improve our holiday plans (with no pressure) and over come any concerns we had in realtion to booking from overseas.
Peter B. from Australia
"THANK YOU PAM!! from all of us! Because of you, we got through the toughest part of the trip - the planning and reservations. You are a true professional and should be recognized by your superiors as such. You've not only gone out of your way in doing a superior job with the planning part, but also went above and beyond by taking a personal interest in us as a family. You offered your suggestions, comments and personal experience as a guide without forcing your ideas on us. I can tell that you live by the motto "The Customer is Always Right" and that's a must when dealing with the public! We will definitely use your services again and will always recommend you as our travel agent."
Sylvia M. from PA
Pam Schuck arranged our whole vacation to WDW in September of 2003.  It was absolutely one of best vacations that we've ever been on.  Pam arranged everything: from the airline flight that gave us extra time in WDW, to the no-hassle transfers to and from the airport and WDW and reservations at the last minute for the Hoop-De-Doo show.  Everything went off without a single hitch.  Pam Schuck is one of those rare gems that you don't find anymore.
Tony P. from PA
Your customer service skills are excellent.  I appreciate the extreme 
promptness of your replys and anticipating my requests - like extending the 
hold on the reservation.  Such a breath of fresh air in a get it done and do 
it quick and move on atmosphere.  Really refreshing to have a great customer 
service experience with someone who puts the customer's needs first - THANK YOU! 
Linda C. from TX 
Martin and I had an amazing time in Disney. We wish we were still there. Thanks to you, the trip was absolutely perfect. Your service and gratitude was the best I have ever had with ANY travel agent. I don't consider you that at all. You were a personal assistant for my trip with the way you handled things and I will NEVER plan any vacation ever again without you if at all possible.
Megan T. from NY
Pam was excellent. She made all my priority seating reservations and also
made some great suggestions where to go for my Wife's Birthday. She was
wonderful and the most knowledgable disney travel consultants I have met.
And I think I know alot about Disney. She also included a cute gift for my
wife with our tickets. I have already mentioned her name to a few people
who are thinking of going to Disney and I will continue to recommend her. 
Tim M. from VA
Pam was absolutely wonderful.  I was emailing her constantly and she always
responded quickly.  She put up with my nervousness about everything being
ready by calming my nerves and taking care of everything.  This was a trip
we will never forget and I will most definitely tell our friends and family
about Pam!
Amy R. from TX
(Chris) We received our paperwork on Friday!  Thank you so much for the
cool camera, that was an extra added surprise! We appreciate all of your help with our trip planning and we are looking forward to our vacation.  As we are Disney addicts, this trip won't be our last, and we will definitely be needing your services in the future.  It has been great working with you!
Shannon S. from WA
You are the greatest~ even before I opened my email this morning I was calling the "other" travel agent I used for the cruise for the 4th time to get info from her. She hasnt done anything more then book this thing for me I am so sorry I didnt know about you first but know that all travel in the further will go through you!!! You have truly spent a huge amount of time on our trip and I do appreciate all that you have done to make this as affordable for me as possible. I dont know any other agent that would have gotten back to me after 5pm on New Year's Eve!
Kathleen C. from CA
Pam Schuck went out of her way to give us personal service.  She priced
several options for us, split out reservations into two families upon
request, placed our special requests for room locations, made our priority
seating reservations, and answered many of our questions within hours.  She
went above and beyond the call of duty in speaking with the hotel management
and central reservations office to confirm use of a travel certificate and
the terms of its use.  She was readily available, dependable, and always
courteous.  We have recommended her highly to family, friends and
colleagues.  She was also very thoughtful in her follow-up after the trip.
What a gem!
Roberta H. from GA
It (MouseTrips) is a great site, and I find it very informative. You (Chris) have been a great help. You must never sleep, if I am on at 12 midnight, or 12 noon, you are always there. That is an other great feature of your site.   If anyone wants answers to questions, I have been telling then about your web site, and that they will get answers, fast. Thanks again.
Carol B. from CT
Our trip was wonderful.  The rooms were perfect and the park was beautifully set up for Christmas.  Thank you for all your help.  You can bet that if anyone we know is thinking about going to Disney World, we will be sending them to you.  
Ted F
Hi Pam!  I received our documents today from you and I thank you very, very 
much!  I also want to especially thank you for the wonderful surprise gifts you 
enclosed in the package-my sons were absolutely thrilled beyond belief!  My 
son Andrew who is four said, "How does Pam know I like rulers and erasers?!"  
He was so excited that you thought of him and he cannot wait to go-your package 
and gifts made the trip more "real" to him!  The mickey mouse outfit for my 
Daniel fits perfectly and is absolutely adorable.  That was extremely generous 
and kind of you to enclose such nice gifts-they were a hit.
YOU have been such a joy to work with-SOOOO organized, efficient and 
incredible-you're the best travel agent I've ever worked with, and you're actually the 
first agent I've worked with online-I used to always go into the agencies but 
not anymore!  You give outstanding service and I WILL be sending all my 
friends to you!  That is a promise!  Actually, a lot of my friends have 5 year 
olds, and so they are at that age where the parents want to take their kids to 
Disney World for the first time, and I will send them to you first!
Christine K.
We had a WONDERFUL time!  I cannot begin to express my gratitude for all of your assistance, not to mention the pleasure of working with a professional in the field.  

In our line of work, we take raw data from clients and convert it into coherent messages for a mass audience through the creation of brochures, reviews, magazine articles, and full length texts.  As a result, I have become a stickler for details.  All I can say is that it was a pleasure doing business with someone who subscribes to the same philosophy.

Again, thank you for all you did.
Tom F. from NY
Chris updated me when a better rate became available. He responded almost
immediately everytime I had a question or a request.
Susan S. from CA
Thanks, Pam you have also been a pleasure to work with. Wouldn't it be wonderful if all travel agents were like Pam Schuck. I wish I had known about you earlier, I just had some dear friends that left January 9 for 3 weeks at Disney, but I can promise you one thing, I will give her your email address for next year because they go every January. I will give every one I know that plans to visit Disney your email address.

I have never worked with a friendlier, more cordial person, interested in my best interest than you. I feel like I have known you forever and It has been an absolute pleasure to do business with you.  It is now late on a Friday night and you are still there doing business - how much more professional and concerned about the clients interest can you get.
Patsy B. from AL
Pam, Thank you so much for Tyler's doll!  She has not stopped playing with it since she got it and has told all of her friends who gave it to her.  Your kindness is greatly appreciated!
I was hesitant to book via the internet but you have changed my decision - you have been great! Thank you again!

Sue J. From AL
I coordinated a trip for 10 Red Hat Society Ladies (all over 50).  Pam's
quick response to my initial inquiry and her professional manner was greatly
appreciated.  Due to illness 2 ladies had to cancel their trip - Pam handled
everything for me with the penality being far less than expected.  

Pam's quick attention to details and follow-up are exceptional.  I only wish
other companies I deal with could radiate 10% of the enthusiam, energy and
customer service that Pam provides.  If it could be bottled - she would be a

Due to the great service, and wonderful vacation my group wants to make
another trip in October - provided Pam is our agent... How can you improve on excellence? 

Linda C. from TX
You are AWESOME!!!!!!!  We can't wait!!  This is what we call Concierge service ;0)!!  You have been so good to us and we thank you greatly!!  We will be most definitely letting our friends know how well you have been taking care of us and we are going to drop your name all over the message boards.  Anything else you need from us?
Missy A from SC
This was my first time arranging a trip thru the internet & Chris was very
understanding & patient with all my questions & concerns.
Kathy F. from NC
Our plans changed completely quickly, and Pam was right there to take care of everything.  She went out of her way, working late at night, etc., and I appreciate it very much.
Deb B. from AK
I received your packet in the mail today and I appreciate so much everything that you have done for us. I could not have hand picked a better person to work with. I know our stay will be great, just as you are, and I will think of you often while I am enjoying everything. I would be delighted to send you a picture of the 3 stooges. We will pick a good place for advertising and when I return I will send you all the info regarding our stay.This trip will be nothing but great because you made the arrangements.
Patsy B from 
I am writing this e-mail to inform you of a wonderful, magical experience I had and will continue to have with Chris. He is an amazing and awesome travel agent !!!
Chris went out of his way to accommodate my every wish in helping me with my Disney World Vacation. He has been exemplary in reporting information, keeping me informed about my choices regarding my reservations.... answering my numerous questions and offering his guidance to me. He is the consummate travel professional.
He is one in a million as far as travel agents compare.  Always prompt with his responses, always 100% correct with her information, always going above and beyond with his assistance.  
I certainly will pass his name to others who are planning a Disney Vacation.

Betty M from PA
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